Getting Started

Setting Up



Stack is currently equipped with 35 automated games that you can choose to use for your TCG. So if you are running a mini TCG, these more than 30 games can cover your players’ activities without having to create any password gate games. However, Stack can also handle password gate games, where a template is already pre-coded—you’ll just have to change/create which!

Game Actions #

Games can be activated and/or deactivated, depends on which ones you are planning to use for your game sets. If you don’t need a certain game, you can simply deactivate it, and reactivate it back if you have a change of heart. At the bottom of the games list page, you can find a mass button wherein you have to select multiple games and decide whether to set them as Weekly, Set A, Set B, Monthly or Special games. You can also do mass activation, mass deactivation and mass deletion.