Stack 2.1.3 release

Release Date: 2023-09-18
Download File: Full Install (ZIP)
Upgrade File: Conversion (ZIP)
File Size: 2.47 MB

Installing Stack

Some MySQL versions or servers restricts a default value for TEXT, DATE and DATETIME. In this case, the regular install folder from the full install zip will not run perfectly. The version or server for that matter may block the line with the structure of default values and the installation will not be complete. If this happens, you can try the other install folders below that will run perfectly with your SQL version and server.

MySQL 5.x: /install5.x – No default values on TEXT, DATE and DATETIME
MySQL 7.x: /install7.x – No default values on TEXT only

Stack 2.1.3 bug-fixes and improvement:

  • Fixed the iteration bug on the rewards.php file to receive the actual reward of the specific reward link
  • Updated the uploads.class.php file to show success message from deck creation page even without uploading a zip
  • Updated the add an upcoming deck file to reflect the new uploads function
  • Fixed minor bug on birthdays game to get choice and random rewards
  • Fixed minor bug on the group collect game
  • Plus a few more fixed minor bug from different places of the script that I forgot to track…

Key Notices:

Stack 2.1.3’s upgrade ZIP is not suitable for users that uses 1.1.x and below. Since the 2.0.0 version has undergone a huge revamp, it is best to use the fresh installation instead. If you are presently using 2.1.2, you can use the upgrade zip to update the current version that you are using.

If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here: