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Stack 2.1.1 is available

A new version of Stack is now available, with several minor bugs fixed with slight additions of game templates. All of these minor bug fixes and templates have been tested both on local and hosted servers and are all working okay. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who brought the bugs to my attention. Your constant reporting, be it minor or trivial, helps me a lot to make the script even better than it is.

If you are going to do a fresh install using the 2.1.1 release, make sure to download the Full Install zip.
If you are just going to upgrade from 2.1.0 [Beta 2] to 2.1.1 release, download the Conversion zip.
You can check the download links here.

Upgrading from 2.1.0 [Beta 2] to 2.1.1

The upgrade zip contains files that were updated according to recently reported bugs. Make sure to upload them to their rightful folders to overwrite the old files. Once you have everything uploaded on your server, go to your TCG’s website to run the upgrade script (e.g. https://yourtcg.tld/upgrade/).

I have finally added the template for password gate games with multiple answers, make sure to check the template file and read any commented line before making a new game. Other additions are the templates for the upcoming vote. Since I’ve received some feedbacks regarding the dropdown fields, you can now select which template suits your TCG. There is the sets template where a single dropdown field is assigned per available set; another one is the categories template where a single dropdown field is assigned per available category; and lastly, a general voting form that you can define how many dropdown fields to appear for all available upcoming decks, regardless of their sets and categories.

NOTE: The conversion does have minor changes to your database, so for security purposes, it is highly recommended to back up your database just in case.

If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here:

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