• Stack

  • 2.1.0 [Beta 1]

  • PHP 7.4+ / MySQL 5.6+

Building an online TCG has never been this easy! Simple and sweet.

What is Stack?

Stack is an easy to use online TCG management script based on PHP and MySQL that offers awesome features for users. It includes all possible automated games and standard pages that you will need—all made with love!

Who is it for?

Stack is perfect for pro and aspiring non-techy owners who are not very much familiar with web development and prefers to work with minimal to zero coding to build their TCGs.

Why Stack?

It has an extremely easy to use interface and content creation as one of its key differences from traditional TCG scripts. Almost about 90% chance an FTP is not needed to upload or edit your files and it’s free to use.

I hope you enjoy Stack CMS as much as I enjoy using and coding it! — Aki ♥

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Make it your TCG management script


Stack is packed with more than 20 automated games! All you need is to add your own password gate games using a pre-defined template specifically made for it.


Currently, there are three base themes included upon installation—Delta, Gamma and Bootstrap—which are all monochromes. You’ll just have to add colors in them!


No need to create multiple HTML or PHP pages for your TCG information—you can create, edit or delete them directly from the admin panel. It saves you the trouble from logging in your cPanel just to edit or create a file.

File uploads

Stack is also made to upload your cards or any images via the admin panel. No need to constantly use FTP or cPanel to manage them—adding decks can never be this easy.

Cron job

Stack runs smoothly with the help of cron jobs. It will help you collect all masteries, level ups and other quick TCG updates within the past week for your weekly update.

Freebies and rewards

You can send rewards, gifts and freebies to your members via the admin panel. All you have to do is define how many cards and currencies they should get and viola!


Stack is very much easy to customize! You can tweak the look and feel of your TCG’s pages using CSS or Bootstrap and then add or edit features with HTML and JavaScript.

Under the hood

Stack was meticulously coded using Object Oriented Programming with specific functions to run your TCG. You can add your own functions to spice up your TCG if you can code.


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Stack is a script that focuses on providing TCG owners the most efficient and code-free TCG management packed with automated games and powerful system.